A dedicated and fully certified faculty is the core of the Mooney educational process. The average years of teaching experience for the staff is 18 years. 100% of our faculty have a bachelor degree or a Bachelor degree plus additional course work and are fully certified by the State of Ohio (or by the Diocese of Youngstown in the case of Religion teachers). Fifty-five percent of the staff has a masters degree plus additional course work. Our twelve-to-one student/teacher ratio provides personalized instruction.

Mooney teachers are highly qualified and are committed to helping our students become lifelong learners. In addition, Catholic educators strive to exemplify the values of Christian life by their character and lifestyle. Several hold additional positions as instructors at the university level. They can also be found participating in organizations such as the National Forensic League, local Law Day activities, Youngstown State University English Festival, Ohio High School Football Coaches Association, and numerous other professional activities.

This page is dedicated to all of the hardworking staff members of CMHS.

Administrative Team

Rev. Gerald DeLucia – President
Mr. John Young – Principal
Mr. Don Bucci – Athletic Director
Mrs. Joanne Carney Smith – Director of Admission/Assistant Principal
Mr. PJ Fecko – Director of Facilities/Director of Athletic Advancement
Mr. Paul Gregory – Alumni
Miss Terri Hendricks – Treasurer
Mrs. Nancy Mikos – Executive Assistant to the President
Mrs. Susan Trewella – Director of Mission
Mr. Mark Vollmer – Assistant Principal

Art & Music Department

Mr. Sean Butler – Department Chair
Ms. Heather Sirney
Mrs. Maureen Kandray
Mr. Sam Ronshak

Auxiliary Services

Mrs. Patricia Ariss, School Nurse
Ms. Monica Bucci
Ms. Gerri DeWitt
Ms. Rachel Dobson
Mr. Ed Katzman
Mrs. Beverly Magda
Mr. Derryck VanCobb

Business/Computer Department

Mrs. Janet Cadman
Mrs. Joann Baron


Mrs. Lisa Stana – Supervisor
Mrs. Jeannine Cunningham
Mrs. Catherine Hergenrother
Mrs. Jackie Markovich
Mrs. Judy Ricciardi

English Department

Mrs. Diane Mastro Nard – Department Chair
Mr. Larry Bozick
Mrs. Tina Carbon
Mrs. Peggy Moore
Mr. Mark Rinehart
Deacon Michael Schlais

Guidance Department

Mrs. Diane Fimognari
Mrs. Toni Raseta

Health & Physical Education Department

Mr. Chris Amill
Mr. Tony Congemi

Foreign Language Department

Mr. Ed Smith – Department Chair
Mrs. Marlene Bassil
Mr. Dave Bell
Ms. Brittany Kuttesch
Mrs. Olga Muscarella


Mrs. Debra Scarnecchia


Mr. Rich Antonucci
Mr. Sam Churilla
Mr. Al Hall
Mr. John Podgorski
Ms. Joyce Wilson

Mathematics Department

Mrs. Karen Wright – Department Chair
Mrs. Ursula Baker
Mrs. Sarah Brooke
Mrs. Tina Hughes
Mrl. Rob Raseta
Mr. Peter Smith

Office Personnel

Mrs. Sue Brandenstein - Alumni
Mrs. Susan Eich
Mrs. Patty Hughes
Mrs. Patty Kalasky

Science Department

Miss Jennifer Policy – Department Chair
Mr. Tony Congemi
Mrs. Terri Kenner
Mr. Ray Marks
Mrs. Melissa Smith

Social Studies Department

Mr. Jim Jablonski - Department Chair
Mrs. Sharon Bettura
Mr. Justin Prommersberger
Mr. Al Williamson

Theology Department

Mrs. Teresa Yarger – Department Chair/Campus Minister
Dr. Richard Mattiussi
Mrs. Mary Lou Rogers
Mrs. Nancy Shugart
Mrs. Susan Trewella