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Members of the Mooney Family Traveling to see Pope Francis

Members of the Cardinal Mooney Family will be traveling to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia to be a part of history in seeing Pope Francis.  What an honor it is for them and the entire Mooney Family! Traveling to Washington D.C. are sophomores (L-R) Brady Bizon, Isabella Jones, Andrew Neider, Angelina Aiad-Toss, Katrina Hayes.  They will be accompanied by Mrs. Bizon and Mrs. Aiad-Toss.  Traveling to Philadelphia are (L) Freshman D’Ella Heschmeyer and  (R) Senior Heather Faust.  They will be accompanied by their parents.  As our 11 travelers go to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia this weekend we offer them prayers of safe travels and go with God.

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