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Cardinal Mooney Holds Day of Giving in Support of Student Work!

Throughout the history of Cardinal Mooney, many students have benefited from the student work program.  By working, students can reduce the cost of tuition, and help beautify the school.

When students clean classrooms after school, or support the maintenance staff on summer projects, they take ownership of our campus, and are developing a strong work ethic for later in life.


Can you support our Day of Giving on 6/14/18?

Any donation, from $14 to $140 to $1,400 to $14,000 and beyond is appreciated.

If everyone who typically opens our emails give $14 or more, we would not only fund next year’s student work, but be able to set up an endowment to fund future student work!

Recurring monthly donations are very much appreciated.  $14 a month will cover half a semester of student work!

As an added bonus, the first $1,400 donated will be matched thanks to a generous donor.

More emails will come out throughout the day on 6/14/18, but you can donate now by clicking the link below!


Any donation you can make will directly impact our students!