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Teacher Spotlight

It’s been said that the best ability is availability. On the faculty and staff section of CardinalMooney.com, teacher Janet Cadman is listed in the Business department … but that doesn’t come close to describing her contribution to the school. Currently, she is the co-advisor with Mrs. Tina Hughes on Link Crew, Student Government, Junior and Senior Class Advisor, and Rally Advisor. She is also the co-advisor of the YESFest with Mrs. Mastrianana. And, as if her schedule isn’t filled enough, she is also the advisor on the Ski Club. Next up … building the cornerstones of a Video Game Club. “I am always looking for new clubs to bring to Mooney for the students. Making sure that the students have a wonderful high school experience where they can look back and say “I was involved” really drives me,” Cadman said. “During my high school years, I did not get involved. I was in marching band, symphonic band, French and Latin club and that was it. I want to make sure that students have the opportunity to be involved in something they are interested in.” This is a lot of work, and the overarching motivation for Cadman is the same that has driven so many people who have walked through Mooney’s halls. “What separates Mooney from all other schools is the Mooney Family,” she said. “The Mooney family is a real thing — not only with the alumni, but I see it with the students every day. They are interested in how you are doing. They care about you.” Clubs and activities are essential for a school, but during school, Cadman is leading a Computer Coding class — something not offered in a lot of schools. With Mooney’s block scheduling, she is able to fit in a lot material, a really give students a unique experience. “Coding came to Mooney about 4 years ago — I realized that our students needed to learn this skill,” she said. “Computer science is in everything they will be doing. Making sure our students have this knowledge will only give them an advantage when they go out in the ‘real world’.” Cadman added that one big challenge to leading the class is staying ahead of the advancing coding skills the students gain every day. While she is excited to blaze a trail in a new subject, it’s still the basic elements of teaching that keep her so engaged. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing how excited students get when they finally get a new concept they have been learning in class — seeing the final projects the students have been working on and when they show off their work,” she said. “I get excited when I walk around and see students working in groups figuring out a new code, a new program, or listening to the students talk through problems in class and seeing the lightbulb go off above their heads and realizing they are understanding what we are learning in class is such a great feeling.” Cadman is an Austintown Fitch graduate. She got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography with a minor in Art Education from Youngstown State University. Her next step was at Walsh, where she earned a Master’s in Art Education. She returned to YSU to pick up a Master’s of Science in Educational Technology. She is currently attending Cleveland State University to pursue an Administration License.