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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for May 10, 2020

I write one week out from my return to Ohio. My wife Jennifer and I truly feel “called back.” We’re grateful for the warm and kind welcome extended by the Board of Directors, Superintendent Mary Fiala, and the alumni who have reached out. We’re looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you.

I want to acknowledge and thank Mr. Osborne for his leadership. He has done a remarkable job navigating Cardinal Mooney during this transition and leaves a school poised for growth.

Since being appointed President, I have met with Dr. Beiting weekly. It is my good fortune that she will remain as principal. You know of her skills and I have learned of her love for this institution, its students, and faculty. Together we will provide the leadership you have come to expect.

The global pandemic, which has altered every previous reality of daily life, has, of course, affected Cardinal Mooney, its students and families. Without precedence or a blueprint to rely on, Cardinal Mooney leadership and faculty has improvised and responded with admirable and amazing alacrity to enable students to finish this semester with the progress they anticipated.

Their top priority has been the well-being of faculty, staff, students, and families. As such, their delivered and proactive approach during this “shelter in place” has been the only way to mitigate the challenges presented by the coronavirus.

Those challenges include but are not limited to:  providing teaching and learning that advances our students’ education, responding proactively to government guidelines regarding shelter in place, monitoring the health and well being of faculty, staff, students, and families—assisting when and where they can.

I want to acknowledge and thank the entire faculty and staff who are working tirelessly to provide the quality educational experience you have come to expect. Special thanks to Ms. Cadman for providing IT support to all. Their work is critical to sustaining this great institution now and for the future.

Dr. Beiting’s leadership team has met weekly and coordinates with the Office of Catholic Schools, local health providers, and government agencies, sharing best practices to support Cardinal Mooney as it prepares for the months ahead.

From my own experience, I know they must strike a balance between risks to educational delivery and risks to the health of our employees, students, and families.

Still, we have a responsibility to:

  • Graduate the Class of 2020
  • Continue to educate three other grades
  • Prepare to welcome new students.

To the Class of 2020:

You have worked hard for nearly four years to reach the milestone of high school graduation.

Your administrators are diligently planning on how to graduate you.

Though your graduation may be different from the traditional event we have grown accustomed to and looked forward to, everyone at Cardinal Mooney believes they owe it to you to exhaust all efforts in their decision making and planning process to make your graduation special within the guidelines all schools in Ohio are operating under.

I’m looking forward to meeting you if not as seniors then as alumni. We will all come out of this year stronger and better equipped to achieve in the months and years ahead.

To our students:

This is not the time to let up.

Keep moving forward, focus on finishing strong, stay fit, and most importantly stay healthy.  And continue to live above the common level of life.

I’m certain that many of you are helping to educate younger siblings, caring for elderly family members, and helping with family-run businesses.  These are all important indicators of success — taking the days lessons in service of others.

To our incoming students:

We are continuing to build the Class of 2024. You and I will learn together what it means to be a Cardinal. I’m looking forward to welcoming you next fall.

We will continue to update you throughout the weeks ahead.

In closing, I want to wish everyone good health.



Thomas Maj


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