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Accept the Challenge

Dear Mooney Family,

I’m writing to thank you for your support of our Annual Fund. Many deserving causes could benefit from your generosity so I’m grateful that you have chosen to invest in Cardinal Mooney.

As I meet more and more alumni, parents, and benefactors I’m struck by their living out Mooney’s Alma Mater: “Now as one we loyal sons and daughters Lift our voices praising you. We will be forever faithful, loyal, true, Cardinal Mooney High School to you.”

I’m struck by the number of older alums who tell stories of their parents that sacrificed to send them to Cardinal Mooney. Thinkers, and doers, and dreamers who went out and became successful in all ways and professions. Our first generation of graduates passed the gift of their parents on to their children and are now supporting grandchildren, third generation of Mooney students and beyond.

The Mooney pride is palatable. I’m grateful to all who have supported our mission, and continue to offer to assist me. The feeling of “….if not for Mooney, I wouldn’t be where I am today” is repeated in all of my conversations. The attachment that you have for each other is unique and distinctly Cardinal Mooney.

As I re-stake our claim to a future of new students, graduates, new hope, and new growth, it is both our blessing and our profound responsibility to keep our covenant with the children of Youngstown: to provide a Catholic, Cardinal Mooney High School education.

We are the sum of our students, our alumni, our Church, our faculty and staff, and our benefactors. What we are facing is not merely different in degree, it is different in kind. COVID has altered how we educate; of who can access this important institution; of who can receive the Gospel messages of hope and love; how we meet our covenant with the sons and daughters of Youngstown; and how we keep the “…Red and Gold, aflame against the blue.”

As we wrap up the 19-20 Annual Fund I’m humbling asking each of you to consider this request: COVID has had a devastating impact on the health and economic stability of many in our community. Many Mooney families will have difficulty making their tuition payments due to job loss and financial hardship. Our priority is to help these families now and to provide for increased financial aid needs for next year so than no student will have to leave Cardinal Mooney.

This brief challenge campaign will also fund operational needs in support of Mooney academic programs and initiatives to provide a safe learning environment.

Our goal is to increase new donors and to raise $15,000 by July 14th.

I’m asking that you consider making a “Challenge” gift that is meaningful to you and your family. Do it in honor of someone special or to celebrate the Class of 2020 who through their resiliency, creativity, and work ethic have added to the long line of Mooney graduates.

Spread the word about this campaign and encourage your fellow classmates, parents, and friends to join in.

It is a great privilege to lead this most important institution. It is a greater responsibility that I share with all who will join me as we pursue our future with full abandon and promise. Let’s offer our current families our share of hope. Indeed Cardinal Mooney is Youngstown’s hope to its children.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

Thomas Maj, President