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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for August 9, 2020

From the President’s Desk

While some may see this challenging time as something to run away from, Mooney stands up, and takes it head-on. Every day, our families, students, faculty, staff, and alumni are on the front lines during this crisis, using their Mooney education in the service of others.

We have doctors PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITY, teachers like Jim Jablonski (class of ’98) EDUCATING OUR FUTURE LEADERS, spiritual leaders like Father Martin Celuch MEETING THE FAITH NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS, graduates like Carole Haus Halloran (class of ’64) in agriculture MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF PROVIDING FOOD TO THE COMMUNITY, our new facilities director Rich Schwab and his staff MITIGATING THE SPREAD OF INFECTION.

Here at 2545 Erie St. we’re preparing to bring the campus back to life. Every Tuesday, I and a growing number of faculty, staff, and health experts base our planning on the highest priority: the health and safety of our families and community.

We meet weekly in preparation to open the 2020-21 academic year deeply rooted in our Catholic and Mooney values of Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline. We are also inspired by a tradition of providing an outstanding experience of college prep education for nearly 70 years

Last spring, the Mooney community demonstrated extraordinary resilience and flexibility in providing education and care for each other. When we open our doors for all students on Aug. 31, we fully expect our school community to remain grounded in our values, true to our mission, and ready to overcome the challenges we face — in person, with care for every member of our community, and with a commitment to building a stronger Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley through the service of our graduates.

This is the Mooney difference: educating in faith, for service to others.


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