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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for August 23, 2020

Tradition and camaraderie are so very important at Cardinal Mooney. We truly value that special and important aspect of our extracurricular “school family” life. We unfortunately, due to Covid, will face new obstacles that will challenge some of those traditions and gatherings that we hold so dear. This is a disappointing fact of life for us all.

Current Ohio mass gathering guidelines limit the number of people to 10 or less. In addition, in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students and staff each and every day, we have worked very hard to secure consistent and timely sanitization of the school once the school day ends. Not surprisingly, this is an expensive necessity. The school building must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day so that when students and staff arrive in the morning, it is ready to go from a health and safety standpoint.

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot risk contamination of that clean environment by holding gatherings of people inside the building after hours. Our cleaning process must be systematic to ensure completeness which doesn’t allow for groups to be gathering in the building after normal school day hours. Health experts suggest that safety can be better maintained when we can control the environment as much as possible by limiting visitors and gatherings of groups. It would be very difficult to keep up with re-cleaning the facility after these gatherings. Logistically and financially this is just not feasible. We most certainly wish the circumstances were different.

We are doing our very best to open school and keep it open by following proper health and safety guidelines set forth within the Ohio Governor’s mandates, the Ohio department of Health guidelines and local health department directives as well.

Thanks for all you do and all that you want to do for the students and the school and we are so very grateful for your continued support and understanding.


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