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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for October 25, 2020

Open House will show our values

If you know families that would like to experience what makes us special, please encourage them to visit us

When it came time to choose how we wanted to deliver our message for this year’s Open House, we reflected on the values that inspire us at Cardinal Mooney High School: Sanctity, Scholarship, Discipline, and — maybe most importantly — FAMILY.

It’s the ties of a family that make the environment for the elements of our motto to grow.

And, why do we embrace each other as a family?

Why do we hold Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline in such high places?


The GOSPEL VALUES are woven into our Mission Statement to remind us that each student and teacher has abilities given to us by God, and it’s our purpose to develop them so that we can help others.

If you want your son or daughter to experience this, please register for our Open Houses on November 8 and 11.

This mission is why Cardinal Mooney stands apart from others, and it’s why we have created the Merit Scholarship.

Because, we don’t see just STUDENTS … we see POTENTIAL.


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