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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for November 8, 2020

From The President’s Desk

Weekend help illustrates role of Cardinal Mooney in Christian charity

Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends,

Let me begin by thanking faculty, staff, and volunteers who assisted in our “Clean up Day” on Saturday and with our Open House today.  Special thanks for our high school students and their younger siblings who came out to assist.  Mooney continues to be blessed by so many willing to help.  Another way to see this is through the lens of Christian charity and its proper role.

The proper role of Christian charity is to be close enough to people in need that you see Jesus Christ. In helping Cardinal Mooney, you are helping its students — present and those to come. Their “needs” include faith formation, quality education, adult role models, opportunities to grow, and more.

Our Churches are the primary example of the interconnected nature of human beings. Cardinal Mooney, as an educational apostolate, serves the Church.

Many hands made of light work this weekend.  More importantly, “many hands” — adult and student — joined to build our community.  We cannot know how many who participated needed human contact, who perhaps are “poor in spirit.” However, we do know that our community continues to provide spiritual solace and support for our vocation and vitality.  Why is this important and essential?

If we sit back and wait or allow others to take on the role of Christian charity or bureaucratize that role, it is not just the poor who suffer. They will suffer because of the lack of spiritual depth, but we too will suffer because of the lack of encountering the suffering Christ in the poor, who comes to us in disguises. We will suffer because we are called to share the Gospel lessons, and to “teach as Jesus” taught. Mooney continues to find ways to model and meet the role of Christian charity.

Beginning this week, our students will be given an opportunity to do just that. As you may be aware, the state has provided meals for all students. Through our partnership with AVI, we have greeted every student with a packaged breakfast snack throughout this semester. Students may either enjoy the snack or choose to donate it to a food pantry.  Pantry boxes will be at each entrance.  The surplus food we collect will then be made available to families for the weekend, or donated to community agencies.  In doing this, Cardinal Mooney will continue to be a good neighbor, to meet a need, and for our students to encounter Christ through their donations.

Our goal is to have a 100% student participation rate. In achieving that, Mooney will provide a solution to hunger both within our school community and beyond it.

Sixty-six years ago, President Eisenhower made a proclamation calling on “all of our citizens to observe (Nov. 11) as “Veterans Day.” This week, Cardinal Mooney will observe Veterans Day by remembering the nearly 18 million in our veteran population, and the noble sacrifices made by all who do and have served. On the wall outside of our library hang pictures of Mooney’s fallen graduates. We will remember them and their families and all within our Mooney community who have sacrificed for our freedom.  Please let us know of other graduates who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We will add their pictures to our memorial wall.

Thank you to all of the members of the Mooney Family who came out to make this day a success. And thank you to all of the future Cardinals and their families!


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