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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for March 21st, 2021

Educating Mooney students for a changing world

Dear Parents and students,

For sixty-five years Mooney has produced outstanding leaders. Men and women who embodied our three pillars of Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline and who have provided selfless service to others. The expectations placed on our current and future students are high and our academic program in support of them must be up to the challenge.

Our mission demands that we have a clear, synchronized academic plan which is the intellectual component of our student’s four-year development experience. It is designed to enable our graduates to meet the demanding challenges fostered by a changing world.

The contemporary world requires our graduates to be prepared for Christian leadership in a global context and to meet the challenging demands for moral and ethical leadership that will come with it.

Thus, the intellectual demands placed on current Mooney students are unprecedented in our history. Today, more than previously, our graduates must deal with complex technologies, rapidly changing relationships in complicated multicultural settings, changes in the sciences, and a host of non-traditional issues that require innovative solutions. This reality requires our graduates to be informed, responsible, self-directed learners who can anticipate and respond effectively to challenges that we can predict only imperfectly today.

As the world changes more rapidly, Mooney cannot possibly prepare its graduates for what they may face throughout their careers.  Therefore, our curriculum must educate them broadly so they will be able to anticipate and respond effectively to the social, political, economic, and technological challenges that most certainly will arise in their lifetimes.

What follows from Dr. Beiting outlines our efforts to ensure that our academic program continues to evolve in support of our mission.

We have a responsibility to posture our graduates to succeed in their fluid global environment, and the process of assessing our academic program revealed challenges to our success. For this reason, I am convinced that our new schedule and overarching academic program review is fundamentally on the mark.

– Cardinal Mooney President, Tom Maj


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