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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for May 23rd, 2021

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Cardinal Mooney High School knows our history — it’s unmistakably linked to our imagery.

The Victory Bell reaching out from our courtyard, the red and gold block M, and the cross that blesses the front of our school are just a handful of icons that summon echoes of our greatness.

These bold and elegant images make it easy to gaze upon the past, but they also remind us that our tradition was made by those looking to the future.

It is our legacy, and every bit of it was on display on Thursday when the opening of the newly renovated Armory was celebrated.

“This building strikes me as the embodiment of the kind of dynamic community we are developing here. It pays homage to our great traditions and our proud history without being bound by them,” Cardinal Mooney president, Tom Maj, said. “This project demonstrates Mooney’s commitment to providing the best experience for our students, its commitment to the neighborhood, and to sustainability. We didn’t tear down, we remodeled. Its singular architecture references both the past and the future. Yet the remodel suggests a bold template of what is yet to come.”

Part of that template is a clear commitment to our young women athletes,

In a speech, Maj honored all of those responsible for renovation, including head football coach and athletic director for advancement, Carl Pelini.

“This project allowed us to re-engage with our alumni,” Maj said. “They are the authors of our story, of our successes, and they promote Mooney by sharing our values throughout the area, state, and country.”


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