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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin – Fourth of July Weekend Edition

Class of 2021 continues Mooney’s legacy of Catholic education, value

As the Class of 2021 focuses on the future, we can now look back on how their achievements reflect the quality education delivered by Cardinal Mooney High School.

Our dynamic students carried on the Cardinal Mooney legacy of developing their creative thought and emotional intelligence, and unleashing it on big goals. Colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning, extended to our students more than $11 million of awards and scholarships.

We are proud of the educational program we have built, and of the students who worked through it — and we will never take our focus from the Catholic foundation upon which all is built.

We work to continue the Catholic education tradition, which has produced real, measurable, achievement gains for all students — the highest transpiring for lower middle-class students.

A Harvard study showed gains as much as 4.5 years over their counterparts after four years in Catholic schools. For upper middle-class students, the gain is 2.4 years. For minority students, the gains are 3.3 years more than any other group.

Those gains are especially critical in a year after a global pandemic wiped out gains for too many students in Ohio.  Mooney for example held in-person classes for all but eleven days this past school year, with a daily average of 20 students in remote learning, six of whom were in South Korea.

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