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Cardinal Mooney Bulletin for August 22, 2021

To avoid despair, we must look to Mary for grace through these uncertain times

Dear Parents:

Last Sunday in union with the whole Church, we celebrated the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the feast day when Mary – after accompanying Jesus from Bethlehem to the cross – joined her Son in heaven. Our statue of Mary is a daily reminder that She is a full participant in our salvation and Her presence with us shows us we can walk our path with confidence. Without a doubt, Friday’s news of our temporary return to masks, took wind out of our sails. The presence of the delta variant is daunting. I understand and appreciate giving in to impulses that come with a wide range of emotions. While we must keep those firmly in our minds, we cannot allow them to paralyze us. We cannot allow this moment to beget a loss of confidence in our work. We will open tomorrow with a passionate intensity to address our challenges but also to go far beyond meeting immediate needs as we continue to leverage this time for Mooney’s long- term advantage.

I was as hopeful as any that we would be ·mask free· yet I’d like to otter a different view from both those in favor AND opposed to the decision. I welcome different perspectives. I don’t know that things need to be personal, but they need to be honest. And honesty is one of the Mooney Family’s greatest and most abiding strengths. Contrary to many outside our school, church, and community we tend to be far more willing to examine our beliefs and our first principles in search of solutions.

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