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Music Programs

Independent Music Studies

This course is designed for the junior or senior music student who is interested in furthering their musical studies beyond the current course curriculum. It will involve either instrumental or vocal music lessons as well as research into music theory, history, and musicians.

Marching Band

*Students playing instruments in the Marching Band are eligible for a scholarship*
The Marching Band is a highly visible performing group that promotes school spirit, musicality, and discipline. Marching band covers marching techniques, musical skills, and musical techniques. Performances include football games, pep rallies, band shows, in school concerts, parades, and community performances.


In the spring of 2015, a small group of CMHS students were chosen to participate in an extracurricular drumline during the 2015 fall season because of their past involvement and proven dedication within the music program’s performance ensembles. This is the group’s inaugural season, and they are very much looking forward to supporting our Cardinal Mooney Cardinals!

Piano 1

Piano Class is a course in basic piano technique covering keyboard skills, notation, and repertoire for the student with little or no previous keyboard experience who wants to explore a variety of musical repertoire, basic musical terminology, and keyboard navigation.

Piano 2

Piano 2 is a continuation of the nine week Piano 1 course. Students will learn about different piano techniques and explore different genres. They will also extend their knowledge of repertoire, musical vocabulary, and basic piano skills.

Percussion Class

This course will guide novice students through the first steps of playing percussion instruments.  Students will be given daily lessons in either an individual or small group format.  It is recommended that students may be required to supply their own drum sticks and may want to purchase ear plugs.

Stage Band

Stage Band is designed for beginning players as well as students who have been playing for several years. Students will develop their musical skills through playing a variety of repertoire as well as expanding their musical vocabulary and listening skills.

Woodwind and Brass Class

This course is designed to guide a beginning student through the basic steps of learning to play a woodwind or brass instrument. Students will receive lessons in both individual and small group settings.


The choir program offers a chance for students to sing in a mixed ensemble, reading music, singing in harmony, and solo opportunities. Each half semester, the choir performs for one-concert and community events. There is also an opportunity to explore ministry not just through music but also show. The choir has the chance to go on tour or trips with the band.

Here is a video of our Choir during the Christmas Prayer Service 12/2015