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Alumni Spotlight

The CMHS Alumni Spotlight showcases and recognizes outstanding Cardinal Mooney Alumni for their academic and professional achievements, service to their community, and their continuation of Cardinal Mooney’s tradition of “Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline”.  With the Alumni Spotlight, we will explore and regularly share the diverse accomplishments of our graduates.

Carmela Kiraly CMHS Class of 2006

Education, Experience & Honors:

Carmela graduated from Cardinal Mooney in 2006 and went on to study at The Ohio State University, where she received a full-tuition scholarship and was part of the Honors Program. In 2010, she graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in History, a B.S. in Biological Sciences and Integrative Approaches to Health and Medicine, and a minor in Italian, thanks to time she spent abroad in Siena, Italy!

In college, Carmela knew she would apply to medical school, so she volunteered at the OSU Medical Center to gain some exposure to various medical fields. She also pursued other interests at OSU, including becoming a fitness instructor and being a counselor at Camp Buckeye.

After graduation, Carmela attended Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville. While there, she made some wonderful friends, and met her future husband, Quentin. During her third year, she was one of five inductees into Vanderbilt’s chapter of the National Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. She also held leadership roles on the Student Curriculum Committee and with the Wellness Program.

In the summer of 2014, Carmela began her medical residency program at the University of Chicago in Internal Medicine, her top choice. She recently completed her three years of residency and will be taking her licensure boards soon.

Currently, she is working on her subspecialty fellowship in Sleep Medicine, also at the University of Chicago. Following this fellowship, she and her husband hope to move closer to home to be a part of both the medical and broader Youngstown community.


Mooney Reflection:

Over the years, Carmela has gained an even greater appreciation of her friendships from high school. Despite being scattered across the country, these friends have maintained an innate closeness and camaraderie that stems from their many shared memories and fun times together at St. Charles and Cardinal Mooney.

Carmela also cherished being at Mooney at the same time as many of her cousins. Some of her fondest memories are of cheering them on at football games, watching them perform in Mooney plays, and celebrating their graduations.

Some other favorite memories for Carmela include: summer gym at the start of her freshman year, when there was such exciting potential for new friends and experiences; earning a commendable grade on a paper for Ms. Bacha’s class (after she bled red ink on her first effort); playing tennis at the Volney Rogers courts with Coach Sandy; painting signs for rallies; putting together Christmas gifts each year for needy families; the 2004 football season, cheering at every single game en route to Mooney’s first State title in 17 years; and singing the Alma Mater as a class at Baccalaureate Mass.

Cardinal Mooney prepared Carmela in many ways. From an academic perspective, she earned college credits as a result of her high school AP classes, received generous college scholarship offers, and was well-equipped to handle a challenging college curriculum. But CMHS also helped her build important leadership skills and provided her with self-confidence.

Carmela learned the value of personal and genuine relationships from her teachers and fellow classmates at Mooney, and has strived to cultivate similar relationships in her subsequent educational experiences and training. Mooney also instilled in her the importance of personal responsibility for her faith formation and service to others. As she began her independent adult life, with new challenges, stresses, and choices, she always grounded herself by making the time to incorporate prayer and regular service activities into her routine. Mooney also gave her an awareness of, and comfort level in, approaching the faith and religious beliefs of others, Catholic or not. This has served her well in the medical field, helping her to connect with all patients and their families in times of suffering and loss.


Personal Life & Interests:

Carmela and Quentin currently live in Chicago with their dog, Bella. They enjoy taking long walks along the lakeshore and through their surrounding neighborhoods. The couple enjoys the friendly people and great food of Chicago and love when family and friends come for a visit. They also try to take advantage of opportunities to return home as well as to visit their friends around the country.