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   A large percentage of Mooney students choose to include Honors/AP Courses to challenge themselves and to help enhance opportunities for college scholarships.

Academic Programs

It’s no secret that the academics at Cardinal Mooney make it a leader in performance and achievement among area schools. Our large selection of Honors classes, our AP scholars and National Merit students are a testament to that reputation.

At Cardinal Mooney High School, every student is treated as an individual and is placed in a program best suited to his or her needs. When registering incoming freshmen, we use the Scholastic High School Placement Test along with grade school records, parent input and teacher recommendations. Our personalized registration and class selection allow the student and parents to select course levels appropriate to the student’s ability in each subject area.

Students who attend Cardinal Mooney for four complete years will graduate having earned 31½ units of academic credit. Our Hybrid Block Schedule encourages students to explore a broad range of subjects. Teachers employ diverse instructional strategies that emphasize problem- solving, critical thinking and group interaction skills. Programs are available for the gifted student as well as for students with special needs.

A wide variety of courses offered includes Honors courses in English, Mathematics, Science, and 15 full-credit Advanced Placement Courses.

Such a comprehensive educational program provides a sound preparation for college as well as the foundation necessary for success in any career.

Freshman schedules usually include:

  • Theology
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • World History
  • Foreign Language (Italian, Spanish)
  • Physical Education

In addition to these courses, students may select from elective courses.

For a complete listing of our courses, please refer to our Course Descriptions Booklet 2023-2024. Cardinal Mooney High School is accredited by the State of Ohio through the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCSAA).