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Why Mooney?

Cardinal Mooney is a prominent Catholic high school in the Mahoning Valley and has been known and respected since 1956 for maintaining excellence in its academic, spiritual and extra-curricular traditions. Cardinal Mooney’s time-tested educational and character development program produces highly successful graduates that are leaders in business and industry, government, the Church, education, the professions, arts, and entrepreneurship.

A top priority at Cardinal Mooney is setting our students up for success. Over the past five years, as measured by the SAT/ACT, Mooney has posted real, quantifiable achievement gains as they relate to the individual student and also in the aggregate.

For instance, attending four years at Mooney translates to five to ten-point gains annually on SAT/ACT Math and English tests, with our college counseling programs leveraging those gains for college and “major” admissions. Our college prep courses and block scheduling are also a key factor in enhancing students’ success at the next level.

Mooney offers challenging and enriching courses in a diverse learning environment, helping provide a higher emotional intelligence for our students while preparing them for their future academic and personal careers. Nearly 100% of Mooney graduates are accepted to college, while 80% of those graduates are admitted to their first choice and over 90% are admitted into their major field of study. In the last five years, over 80% of the graduating class was recognized with college scholarships and awards in excess of $8 million each year, with an average award of $90,000. When you factor in the cost of a four-year education at Cardinal Mooney, parents of our graduates are pleased with such a high return (29%) on their investment.

Our faith-based atmosphere provides five disciplines to our students versus four found in other schooling options. Along with math, science, history and literature, our embrace of gospel values serves as a “fifth discipline” that helps further train the mind and deliver higher standardized testing. Daily prayer and regular masses teach students how to not only lead a life of faith — but also to continue the practice of service in their communities long after they graduate. Students with and/or exposed to faith are believed to have higher levels of achievement, happiness and hope.

We believe that participation in programs outside of the classroom is just as important as academic learning for imparting valuable lessons that students will carry with them for years to come. More than 75% of the student body in any given semester participates in one or more of the 26 varsity sports offered — including one of the area’s few Lacrosse programs for both men and women. In the fall of 2020, Mooney’s Tennis, Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer and Football teams all competed in state tournaments — and of course, our Speech and Debate teams are always among Ohio’s best. All of our 2020 Fall sports teams earned current average  GPAs over 3.0 and maintained cumulative GPAs over 3.0. Our Athletic Department, in concert with our College Counseling Program, also provides NCAA counseling, helping each student athlete interested in collegiate athletics through the Clearinghouse process.

Today, Mooney offers two certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches to prepare our student athletes for continued success on fields of competition. The Armory, currently in the planning process for renovation will serve all men and women student-athletes.

Cardinal Mooney is an all-encompassing environment that strives to present a comprehensive learning experience for every student. If you’re looking for a school with a proven track record of developing students who demonstrate faith and service in their everyday lives and are highly prepared for college — and an enriching career that will follow — Cardinal Mooney High School is the right place for you.