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Mission Statement

Cardinal Mooney Mission Statement

Cardinal Mooney High School, a Roman Catholic school of the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio, is committed to providing a quality education in the supportive atmosphere of the Mooney Family. Our embrace of Gospel values, and our tradition of sanctity, scholarship, and discipline, enable our students to achieve personal excellence. We strive to develop leaders dedicated to social justice and service in the world community.

Philosophy of Education

Cardinal Mooney is a Catholic high school whose community of students and their families, teachers, administrators, support staff, and alumni take pride in the school’s “family atmosphere” and its purpose to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The high school responds to the needs of its members by providing an enriching environment to help students grow intellectually, spiritually, and personally.

Cardinal Mooney educates students through steadfast traditions of scholarship, sanctity, and discipline — traditions that have been highly valued since the school’s inception. Through worship, learning, athletic, and extracurricular activities the goal is personal excellence and integrity.

Students come to Cardinal Mooney from Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties. Because they represent diverse ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds, students are encouraged to foster and promote greater understanding of others. Ultimately, the high school helps serve the needs of the community by empowering students to develop into productive, responsible adult citizens who are committed to service in the name of Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Mooney High School Belief Statements

1. Catholic beliefs, which commit us to live the values of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ, are the foundation of our school experience.

2. The Gospel values and the teachings of Jesus Christ call the members of the Mooney family to live a life of service and to commit to the practice of social justice.

3. The foundations and traditions of Cardinal Mooney High School, which include sanctity, scholarship, discipline and a tradition of excellence, are an integral part of the mission of our school.

4. Each member of the Mooney Family is unique and plays an important role in building our tradition of excellence, which provides all members the opportunity to develop their spirtual, academic, social and personal potential.

5. We value the diversity of people and encourage acceptance by creating a family atmosphere in which each person is treated with dignity and respect.

6. All staff members serve as role models for the values we hold.