Beakon Staff Writer

YOUNGSTOWN — All Saints Day is one of the most important days of the year for Catholics.

At Cardinal Mooney High School, it’s even more meaningful, because the bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown traditionally celebrates Mass on our campus. This year, The Most Reverend David Bonnar led students, faculty, staff, and guests in a very insightful liturgy.

Many of the students participated in this beautiful event and helped in a different number of ways. Some of the students helped the bishop by carrying crosses and candles, while others sung the songs that were in the mass. 

Sophomore Abigail Markey, who is also an altar server at Holy Family, performed in the same capacity for All Saints Day at Cardinal Mooney. Being with Bishop Bonnar made the day even more memorable

“I’m grateful that I got to see mass in a new setting and different environment. I like helping out with the service, “ said Markey. 

Cardinal Mooney holds at least one all-school Mass per month led by school chaplain, Father John Rovnak. But anytime the bishop appears, a unique experience is likely. 

Bishop Bonnar’s homily centered around the lives of the saints, and how we can work to become like them. His spiritual thoughts on each of us becoming what we want to resonate with all of those involved. 

Cardinal Mooney president and principal, Nick Beyer, provided his own words after Mass, and then presented Bishop Bonnar with a gift. Beyer continued Bishop Bonnar’s ideas by illustrating that it’s important to also focus on “who” we become along with “what.”

The campus minister, Mrs. Lori Radinsky was thankful to have Bishop Bonnar visit us for such an important day.. 

“It’s a unique opportunity for our kids to have a mass with the bishop. He really got down to the kids level and challenged the students and the staff to become who they are supposed to be,” said Radinsky.

Photos by Jim Stickel