Beakon Staff Writers

YOUNGSTOWN — Nikita Grillis, a junior at Cardinal Mooney High School, was dedicated to making a change and took a step to help those in need during the winter season.

He was inspired to start a winter clothing drive for a multitude of reasons. One of his main concerns was seeing people struggle during the winter. Not having the proper necessities that everyone should have access to helped inspire him to take action.

In honor of National Catholic Schools week, Cardinal Mooney High School is serving their community by giving back to those in need.

On Feb. 15, Penguin City Brewing is hosting a clothing drive event where all winter necessities will be donated and given out throughout the community.

During this event, food such as pizza and soup will be provided to the homeless lasting from 6pm until 8pm.

During this week, students are encouraged to bring in items such as hats, gloves, socks and toiletries. These winter clothes can be meant for all ages. They will collect these items starting Jan. 29 through Feb. 15.

This type of event is new to the celebration of Catholic Schools week being Cardinal Mooney’s way of bringing friends and family together to work towards a single cause.

A student of Cardinal Mooney was inspired to involve his school in the event that his parents were going to host. He wanted to give others the opportunity for service hours and also more student involvement.

“I think the idea really began when I would drive around and see homeless people out in the winter,” Grillis said.

This year’s Catholic Schools Week is one that will never be forgotten. The efforts of friends and family are greatly appreciated to help provide warm winter essentials to those in our community.

Catholic Schools Week gives us the opportunity to share successes and celebrate growth within the schooling system. It highlights the importance of what Catholic schools believe in while also encouraging young minds to become more involved members of society.

Cardinal Mooney has built a strong foundation by providing young adults with the opportunity to further their knowledge in what they believe in. They are very involved with the community and passionate about supporting everyone.

As the week progresses, there will be days to celebrate students, the nation, vocations and faculty and staff, and more.

The week is a fun and exciting time to celebrate Catholic Schools within the Diocese. It is a celebration of the values and high standards that are part of Catholic Schools. Catholic Schools have been and will always be a place where students learn about God’s dream for them. No better way is this exhibited than by volunteering time to be an active member in society.