Beakon Staff Writer

The Cardinal Mooney Merit Scholarship is more than just help with tuition. It presents a unique opportunity to bond with classmates, and enhance their experience over their high school years.

One of the first examples of this took place last week at the first breakfast held for winners of the Merit Scholarship.

The Cardinal Mooney Merit Scholarship was started three years ago with the desire to give scholarships to students who achieve highly inside and outside of the classroom.

Students who regularly work hard to achieve academic goals and always stay on track is who can be considered for this exclusive award. Giving a bit of financial support towards these students’ tuition is a great way to show them how their success pays off.

Cardinal Mooney president and principal, Mr. Nicholas Beyer, spoke to the students, and is happy to continue something that recognizes students for what they accomplish.

“The scholarship was to help attract the best and brightest students to Cardinal Mooney,” said Beyer. “It’s a significant financial award, for helping to pay for four years’ tuition at Mooney.”

Doing this also impacts how the students feel about themselves, in a very positive way. Rewarding them and making them feel important, is a good way to boost their confidence and get them to keep working hard.

Junior, Roslyn Wade, is excited about the new opportunities coming her way with this program.

“I think it lays foundation skills for what I’m going to use later on in life, such as college and jobs. I feel like other schools don’t do this, and other people don’t get to experience this,” said Wade.

Students are honored to be given an opportunity like this, and they feel it will make them better as individuals. By doing this, it will bring students closer to their school and make them feel welcome all the time.

Junior student athlete, Samantha Rotunno, is ready for where this program may bring her within Cardinal Mooney,

“I feel honored to be a part of a program that will help me communicate with the school better and have a better relationship with them,” said Rotunno.

This year, they will start recognizing this program more by having events for the students. This will include breakfasts, which will be held once a month, and other things such as guest speakers.

The Merit Scholarship will highlight students’ academic work, showcase their performances, and prove why they deserve the recognition.

Merit Scholars Class of 2025
Garrett Bogan
Aidan Hryb
Vince Frost
Jibril Jackson
Abby Lyons
Sammy Rotunno
Aidan Stamp
Roslyn Wade

Merit Scholars Class of 2026
Natalie Blasko
Johnny Brenner
Ava Briceland
Frankie Cassese
Alex Eckstein
Hannah English
Mikael Frangos
Abigail Markey
Michael McGlone
Katie Pregibon
Sophia Rotunno
Arnold Shiflett
Molly Simons
Constantine Stamp
Dante Turner

Merit Scholars Class of 2027
Andrew Bushey
Brady Desmond
Kennedi Hollis
Leo Henry
Benjamin Oddis
Michael Schorsten
Sam Scott
Brooks Willis