Special to the Beakon

YOUNGSTOWN — Making sure every student has a valuable and fulfilling journey is one of the most important goals Cardinal Mooney holds.

Over the last year, the school has identified clubs and activities as the most conducive ways to enrich the student experience.

To show our commitment to strengthening this facet of our school, an assembly was held on Thursday in the auditorium to showcase all of the clubs and activities available for students to join.

“The assembly showcased the incredible diversity of student clubs and organizations we have here at Cardinal Mooney,” Cardinal Mooney President/Principal Nicholas Beyer said.  “It was an afternoon filled with enthusiasm, talent, and the promise of exciting opportunities for our students.”

In a continuing effort to involve students as much as possible, select members of each club spoke about the benefits of their organizations.

Among the 20 clubs represented were chess, yearbook, astronomy, and book clubs. These, and others will have the benefit of the Zero Block, a period from 8 until 8:25 each morning to meet and organize.

“We did this because clubs and other extracurricular activities play a crucial role in fulfilling the school’s mission in several significant ways,” Beyer said in a statement.

Here are the ways Beyer illustrated in the Sept. 14 edition of the Cardinal Mooney Newsletter.

Fostering Community and Inclusivity: One significant element of our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive community as part of our Mooney Family. Clubs provide a platform for students to come together based on shared interests, talents, or passions. This fosters a sense of belonging and unity among students, helping them form meaningful connections and friendships.

Promoting Academic Excellence: Academic clubs, such as debate teams or academic challenge clubs, encourage intellectual growth and excellence. These clubs align with the Catholic tradition of valuing knowledge, wisdom, and the pursuit of truth.

Faith Formation and Catholic Values: Faith formation is a cornerstone of Cardinal Mooney’s mission. Clubs offer a space where students can explore and live out these values practically. For example, clubs centered around community service, such as our Ora et Labora club, provide students with opportunities to participate in service projects, charitable initiatives, and community outreach to help students actively live out their faith by serving those in need.

Leadership and Responsibility: We seek to develop students into responsible and ethical leaders. Club participation allows students to take on leadership roles, organize events, and make decisions, helping them build leadership skills that will serve them well in the future.

The following clubs were featured during the assembly:

  • Academic Challenge/Quiz Bowl
  • Art Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Book Club
  • Crimson Feather
  • Drama/Theater
  • Italian Club
  • Link Crew
  • Mahoning Valley Bridge Building Competition
  • Merit Scholars
  • National Honor Society
  • Ora et Labora
  • Robotics
  • Ski Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Speech & Debate Team
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook