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Christian Service

One of the charisms of Edward Cardinal Mooney was his outreach to those in need in our area.

Cardinal Mooney students and staff perform over 11,000 hours of service yearly through the Christian Service Club, Christian Service Class and other programs.

Christian Service Club

The Christian Service Club invites students to become involved in a variety of service opportunities in the area.

Some of the projects include:

      • Special Olympics
      • Letters to veterans
      • Nursing home visits/activities
      • Fundraisers to support school service initiatives
      • Easter Seals fundraisers
      • Men Who Cook service event
      • Feeder parish service and fundraiser projects
      • Spring cleanup at Beatitude House and Ursuline Motherhouse
      • The club responds to needs as they surface

Christian Service Class

The Christian Service Class is an elective in the Theology Department where students can share their gifts and talents with God’s people. Nearly 90% of the senior class takes this course, and within this 18-week period they serve at about 60 locations per week.

Service locations include:

      • Grade Schools – Catholic, charter and public schools
      • Community Agencies – Purple Cat, Reading Radio, St. Vincent de Paul pantry and kitchen, etc.
      • Preschools – Catholic, charter and public schools
      • Nursing Home and Retirement Villages
      • and more