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Alumni Spotlight

The CMHS Alumni Spotlight showcases and recognizes outstanding Cardinal Mooney Alumni for their academic and professional achievements, service to their community, and their continuation of Cardinal Mooney’s tradition of “Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline”.  With the Alumni Spotlight, we will explore and regularly share the diverse accomplishments of our graduates.

Jaietta Jackson

Cardinal Mooney Class of 1989

Professional Experience

Jaietta Jackson is an educator from Youngstown, OH. Her career path has ranged from television production to PR to education. After graduating from Kent State University, she worked as a production engineer at WKBN. Her desire to deal with the public propelled her to move into the field of public relations. This prompted her to enroll in graduate school at NYU.. While attending NYU, she worked under the tutelage of public relation companies that include Motown Café, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, VH1 and the firm Manning Selvage and Lee.

Returning from New York, Jaietta fell in love with educating students. She began her teaching career in the Youngstown city schools. She then was hired as a Communications professor at Youngstown State University.  She has taught at YSU for the past 16 years. Jaietta is the Director of the Basic Course in the Communications Department. In this position, she oversees a staff of 30 part-time employees and provides directorship over the CMST 1545 course that over 500 students take each semester.

She is also a contributing writer of the Creating Competent Communication textbook. She has been invited to speak publicly at conferences and seminars to discuss her communications research.

She has given a Youngstown TedX talk educating the public on the importance of recording family history.

Education & Honors

Jaietta earned her bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and her MA from NYU; her PhD, ABD is also from Kent State University.

Because of her diversity initiatives within the classroom, on campus, and within the community, Jaietta won the YSU Diversity Campus Leadership Award.

In addition to her dedication to education, Jaietta selflessly volunteers in the community. She is the Vice President of the Cardinal Mooney Minority Alumni Council. This organization “Represents the interests of CMHS minority graduates worldwide [and is] committed to keeping our minority alumni informed, involved, and invested in the alumni community and the future of Cardinal Mooney High School.” She is also a member of the CMHS Board of Directors.

Mooney Reflections

Jaietta has wonderful memories of Cardinal Mooney. Her fondest memories were from performing. She was a Goldstepper who loved being on the field at halftime and in the gym at rallies. She still remembers appearing in Mooney’s theatre productions. Her favorite performance was dancing in Jesus Christ Superstar. Another cherished memory was being on the speech team under the leadership of Diane Mastro Nard.

She loved all her teachers, especially her language arts teachers Mrs. Mastro Nard and Miss Bacha. And she still remembers history facts using ID’s to remember the information she learned in Mr. Form’s class.

The rallies, the spaghetti and buns, sliding down the slope hallway and the senior lounge are all wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Personal Life and Accomplishments

For over thirty years, Jaietta has been an avid performer in the Youngstown area using her dance and stage experience in a major motion picture as Uninvited Guest and in many years of Youngstown Playhouse performances. She has danced with various companies including the Archangel Dance Theater Company and the Lindsay Renea Dance Theater Company as a principle dancer. Jaietta’s dedication to education and the arts has been ongoing and continues to be her passion.

She is also the owner of one2one Communication Consulting. Her business is dedicated to educating companies, organizations, and individuals about multicultural matters and providing diversity training.

She is the mother of a brilliant 12-year-old son, Jibril James Jackson. Jaietta notes that he is her biggest accomplishment yet! He loves Cardinal Mooney and looks forward to attending in about two years (class of 2025).