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President and principal, Nick Beyer, Robert Clark ’84, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon ’71, and Bishop David Bonnar are pictured following the 2024 Distinguished Alumni event at Cardinal Mooney during a ceremony on April 10.

Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to alumni who demonstrate concern and dedication to others by embracing Cardinal Mooney High School’s Pillars of “Sanctity, Scholarship and Discipline.”

These alumni have excelled in their profession, made a positive impact on their community, live a life rooted in faith, & continue to support the strong tradition and bright future of CMHS (demonstrated continued involvement, support and/ or service to CMHS). These exceptional alumni are outstanding role models for prospective and current Cardinal Mooney students.

2024 Honorees

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon ’71

Read Chrisanne’s bio.

Robert W. Clark ’84

Read Robert’s bio.


2023 Honorees

Michael J. Moritz Jr. ’00

Read Michael’s bio.

Cheryl Cooper Perez ’93

Read Cheryl’s bio.

2022 Honorees

Eileen Bacha ’64

Click here to read Eileen’s Bio

Joseph Lordi ’67

Click here to read Joseph’s Bio

Previous Honorees

Mrs. Denise DeBartolo York ’68
Atty. Michael Morley ‘74

Mrs. Carole Haus Halloran ‘64
Dr. M. Frank Beck ‘74

Mr. Dale Gresko ‘68
Mrs. Mary Beth Gordon Gresko ’73

Mrs. Susan Doyle Trewella ’69
Mr. David Handel ‘74

Mrs. Catherine Pearce Wigley ’69
Mr. Ed Farris ‘70
Mr. George Farris ’72
Mr. John Farris 77

Sr. Patricia McNicholas OSU ’61
Mr. Joseph Fleming ‘66

Mrs. Diana Babnich Colaianni ’65
Fr. Stephen Popovich ‘72

Mrs. Kathy Coppola Villella ’69
Mr. Terry Reardon ‘81

Dr. Elena M. Rossi M.D., M.M.M. ’74
Dr. John Babyak M.D. ‘74

Mr. John Gocala ’66
Mrs. Chrysann Metzinger Mitzel ’69

Mr. Wally Dunne ‘61
Mrs. Nancy Walcott Varley ’64

Mr. Frank Courtney ‘67

Mrs. Marilyn Colla Daltorio ‘71

Sr. Bernadine Janci, SND, ’59
Mr. Edward Reese ’77

Mrs. Deborah Reardon Schiavone ’69
Dr. Thomas Boniface ’77

Sr. M. Kathleen Minchin ’61
Mr. Bob Stoops ’78

Dr. Willian S. Diorio ‘60
Dr. Mary Lou Kachmer McGregor ‘79

Dr. Robert Gerberry ‘61
Mrs. Susan Squillace Sandine ‘65

Mrs. Mary Lou Rogers ‘69
Atty. Steven Yuhas ‘78

Miss Patricia Guidos ‘59
Mr. Thomas Mastramico ‘72

Sr. Margaret Scheetz  ‘63
Atty. Michael C. Kilanowski ‘66
Dr. Patricia Cipriano Prelock ’72
Mr. John Zajac ‘74

Mr. Robert Babyak  ‘70
Mrs. Paulette Tkacik Babyak ‘70
Mrs. Judy Higgins Reardon ’83
Mrs. Jennifer Pelic Camero ‘95
Dr. James Kravec ‘95

Barbara L. Brugnaux ’66
E. Jewelle Johnson ’90
Joseph S. Rosky ’73

Stephen Boccieri ’59
Arthur Boccieri ’63
Judge Maureen Kelly ’79

Letters of nomination are eagerly accepted. Please considering the following questions when nominating an alumni:

    • What is you relationship to the nominee?
    • Briefly outline the work experience of the nominee.
    • Briefly outline volunteer/community involvement.
    • What particular qualities and/or activities of the nominee make you believe he or she should receive this award?
    • How does this nominee demonstrate a continuing concern for others embracing the Cardinal Mooney motto “Sanctity, Scholarship and Discipline”?
    • Describe the nominees continue involvement and support of Cardinal Mooney High.

Letters describing the nominee’s qualifications in relation to the above criterion, should be forwarded to the Alumni Office at Cardinal Mooney High School, 2545 Erie St., Youngstown, OH 44507 no later than December 31 of the preceding year.