Beakon Staff Writer

Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States but its appeal is unique compared to other holidays. 

Halloween is right around the corner and excitement is everywhere. Once again, Cardinal Mooney students will spend their school day on Oct. 31 in their favorite costume if they wish.

That’s just part of the festivities of this holiday unlike any other. On Christmas or Thanksgiving, presents are exchanged, and time with family you may not see very often is spent, but Halloween is focused on dressing up in costumes and the love of scary things. So what makes this unique celebration at the end of each October so special to so many people.

“It reminds me of fond memories of going trick-or-treating with my family growing up” said Cardinal Mooney senior Mikey Carfolo “I always looked forward to dressing up and walking around the neighborhood with my parents and sister and this season brings back those memories.”

Another Cardinal Mooney senior, Nick Zen,o also said his favorite part of the holiday has to with those closest to you

“Dressing up in a stupid costume with my friends and going out and seeing everyone else in their stupid costumes always makes Halloween really fun” Zeno said. “Even going and looking for costumes with my friends a few weeks before is fun.”

So maybe like a lot of other holidays, Halloween is special because of the people that make it special, whether it’s trick-or-treating with your family as a little kid or dressing up with your friends as you get older. Another big appeal of the holiday could be the ability to let go for a night and be whatever you want to be. 

“You can wear any costume you want, you know, whatever you think is cool or would look funny that year,” he said. “When I was little I wanted to be a football player so I got to be a football player for the night.”

Halloween isn’t just all fun though, with the main premise of the holiday being all things spooky after all. With scary movies and haunted houses everywhere you look, why do some enjoy being scared? 

“Watching scary movies or going to haunted houses with a group is fun.” Carfolo said. “They really aren’t scary, it’s not like any of it is realistic or anything. Being scared gives you adrenaline, it’s fun. Before you know it you go from screaming to laughing and everyone is having a good time.”

Halloween is a unique holiday. According to a few high school students, Halloween is just a time to forget about real life for a little while and have fun. It’s an excuse to spend time with those who are most important to you. Go spend time with family and friends, dress up in whatever costume you want, make memories, and of course eat candy.

“I mean I like candy too,” Zeno laughed.